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Air Conditioning Service

The most common cause for Air Conditioning (A/C) failure is moisture contamination within the A/C System. It is extremely important to have your Air Conditioning System serviced annually. This service would include replacing freon and oils in the A/C System to prevent expensive breakdowns and related A/C repair.

Keep in mind that A/C repairs can cost on average as much as $1200 when they breakdown, verses having your A/C serviced annually to aid the prevention of these costly breakdowns in the future.

Why do I have mildew smell when I turn my A/C on? Moisture (mold and mildew) in the A/C System can cause allergies and bad odor smells. Try BG Frigifresh for that new car smell.

Heating Service

The heater in your car is basically a smaller version of your cooling systems radiator. Hot engine coolant is circulated through a small radiator, often times called a heater core. A fan is positioned in front of the heater core to blow cold outside air over the fins. As this air travels over the heater core, it heats up and becomes the hot air which blows out your heater vents.

Don't foret to flush your heating system yearly to keep it runing efficently.




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