Automatic Transmission

The Problem:

Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) services are often neglected and even when performed, are often incomplete. This can lead to automatic transmission shifting problems and premature repairs or replacement. Flush

90% of automatic transmission failures are due to overheating and fluid contamination. A typical transmission drain and refill service replaces only 40% of the old contaminated ATF.

The remainder is trapped inside valve bodies, the torque converter and transmission cooler lines. New ATF from a conventional drain and refill service can often loosen damaging sludge and varnish deposits leading to shift problems and even transmission failure. Automatic transmission replacement can cost $2,000 or more.

A typical transmission flush replaces only about 40% of the old, contaminated fluid. Our Transmission Flush Service safely removes sludge and varnish deposits and replaces over 95% of the used fluid, then conditioners are added to the fresh ATF to extend ATF life, revitalize seals and 0-rings and help maintain smooth shifting.

The Solution:

This service utilizes patented equipment and specially formulated chemicals to solve the problems often associated with conventional drain and refill services.

Removes over 95% of the used contaminated fluid. A specially formulated Transmission Flush chemical safely removes harmful sludge and varnish deposits which are removed with the old fluid. Proprietary conditioning chemicals are added to the new ATF to:

Help extend transmission fluid life. Smooth rough or hard shifting problems. Help revitalize seals and o-rings to help stop and prevent leaks.

Our unique transmission flush equipment carries multiple patents and is approved by major motor vehicle manufacturers.

Your transmission deserves a complete flush and fluid change that will keep it shifting right. Our Transmission Flush Service is the answer to maintaining your automatic transmission and keeping it trouble free. Our Transmission Flushing Equipment is approved by major car manufacturers.

Is it time for Quality Fuel to service your transmission?

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